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LookUp exists to give young people the opportunity, platform, and agency to thrive and flourish in a digital world. 

Instead of having adults solve a problem they haven’t lived through, LookUp gets right to the source: by mobilizing and listening to Millennials and Gen Z, we use personal experience as fuel to drive real social change. 

The LookUp Action Network is the largest and most active network of social innovators, change agents, dare-devils, and those brave enough to question the status quo so that young people can live their lives to the fullest.   

About Us

LookUp is a fast-growing social venture that discovers, invests in, and supports youth leaders and their entrepreneurial solutions, which, in 2021, aim to address digital overload and addiction, social isolation and loneliness, digital activism, and humane technology.

In 1997, when Susan Reynolds, a life-long educator and Co-Founder of, was the director of academic technology for an all-boys middle school, she witnessed the promise and peril of the internet and became deeply concerned about technology’s role in young lives.

Why Now?

Technology’s promise to keep us connected has created many unintended consequences. The current COVID-19 pandemic is adding to the complexity of the problems with digital overload augmented by distance learning, social isolation and loneliness accentuated by social distancing, and the need for change coming in the forms of digital activism and using tech 4 good.

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